The Story

We all begin somewhere ….at least most always. LOL

“Just the Thing” (formerly “Among Other Things”) is a “move forward” for the better for me both personally and professionally! And, for many reasons that can only mean CHANGE!!  As always, I am determined to keep the spirit of re-purposing and up-cycling going for my ever so faithful followers; as well as, the many newcomers to my site. With this in mind, I have switched to an “on-line” store during the process of seeking out my next perfect store location.

Keep checking this website for new additions to “OUR COLLECTION”; as well as, updates on the massive home renovation I am currently planning, designing, managing and of course working on – and I do mean working – LOL!  Hands on!

“JUST THE NEWS” will follow the renovation in progress; as well as, FACEBOOK etc.

Enjoy!  I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Denise 🙂