Microwave Installation

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FINISHED!  See process below



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Lovely, I hired a handyman to help me install microwave – definitely a two person job. Precise measuring was required to ensure that the microwave could be installed tightly under the upper cabinet. The holes down through the bottom of the cabinet to the top of the microwave for the bolts had to match perfectly. I had had to order the bolts required on-line from the manufacturer as I had misplaced the originals. The installation of the wall bracket also required exact measuring and levelling and we ensured that it was mounted where a stud was to support the weight of the microwave.

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Three inch holes were drilled through both the top and bottom of the cabinet to thread the exhaust venting through. However, we soon realized that we should have drilled the one hole through the back of the cabinet since we had room behind as the cabinet could be installed foward. Ooops! Everything had to line up with the microwave and took many tries to get it exact.

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But it was all worth it in the end. Even though the kitchen renovation was still not complete, meals could now be prepared with the use of the microwave. Wohooo!

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