The Kitchen Plan

On off time, prepare your kitchen plan. An accurate and well drawn plan will be beneficial for your use; as well as, the use of any contractors you may hire to do the work, ie., plumbers, electricians, carpenters, ventilation experts, etc.


This plan is for the kitchen I am working on. It took some time to develop. Window, appliance, sink, etc., measurements are required while developing a plan to ensure these components will work in the design. I put a lot of thought into getting the most out of this small kitchen and the fact that I do love to entertain is the prime reason for the new open style.

You will notice that the wall will be replaced by an island. The island will have seating for two people. The kitchen will also have two sinks to ensure there’s room for more than one cook. Lol! These sinks will each be in front of a window of their own. As the kitchen is small, the “working triangle” theory of a good kitchen plan was easier to accomplish. However, the opening range of all appliance doors had to be taken into account. The fridge in this plan has French doors; therefore, they should open freely and will not crowd the already limited floor space.

Cabinets have been chosen and ordered for first week in December delivery! Wohoooo!

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