Pointers for Plaster Removal

Remember to wear safety goggles, footwear and gloves. And, most importantly, a mask. Fibreglass and sometimes asbestos was used in the application of the plaster.


The best thing to do is work on one side of the wall before the other. Cover any carpet or flooring surrounding the wall you are about to work on removing. The plaster will come down as you smash it with a hammer working between the studs. Predetermine where electrical,plumbing and ventilation is to prevent any accidents or destruction of components.


When the first side of the wall is stripped of plaster, the opposite side is easier to remove. A few good swings with a sledge hammer through the studs to the other side will remove plaster at a faster rate. However, do be careful.

Once all the plaster is removed, removing nails from all studs is also another cautionary measure. I am saving my studs as they are original, ie., made of fir – could be a table someday!

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