First Wall Down….




FIRST AND FOREMOST – Speak with a qualified construction expert or engineer prior to demolishing any wall in your home.

It was determined for this reno that the wall between the kitchen and dining room was not a load-bearing wall. Therefore, I decided to start with this one.

Packing smallwares away was first priority. The less dusting required when its all over – the better!

Placing plastic on all furniture throughout house is a good idea. I also used plastic to block off doorways to the reno space. Turning the furnace down and closing all the vents is also a good idea right before the demo starts. If weather permits, open a door or window for ventilation.

This wall is plaster not drywall. Basically, after determining where the studs are and starting the first hole using a hammer, the work of tearing a plaster wall down is mostly about hammering and DUST!!!!!

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