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Granite Ordered

Well this was a process! I headed to the supplier and spent an entire morning walking the isles and admiring the incredible selection of granite. I could have been there for days if I had the budget to spend!!! lol But, perhaps it was a bonus I […]

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Why Not Use Every Nook and Cranny???

  FINISHED!!! See below for process   This doorway used to be a broom closet with the door facing into the front hallway. Since all but three walls around it were removed and it had to built out on one side, I always thought it was a […]

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Microwave Installation

  FINISHED!  See process below     Lovely, I hired a handyman to help me install microwave – definitely a two person job. Precise measuring was required to ensure that the microwave could be installed tightly under the upper cabinet. The holes down through the bottom of […]

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